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T works hard to serve as everyone's 24/7 companion working as their second mind supplementing their first mind, the biological one.

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Why we Drink T

Why we Drink T

T from TipTop Technologies, Inc. at serves as my 24/7 companion addressing a large variety of my use cases. Each day, T educates me, T entertains me, T makes me smarter. More I use T, more I learn how to benefit still more from T and also from everyone else's interactions with T.

If you are not yet a T Drinker, sign up for T ( What is T? ) for free below. Before doing this, you can view "A Tease" on Twitter and review our blog and read the full FAQ to learn more about T. It is strongly recommended that you watch each of the videos in the How To's page prior to signing up for T. View these videos again once you become a T Drinker and start to drink your first cups of T.

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A Tease (view more on Twitter and Vimeo)

For many T Drinkers, there is hardly anything in life today more fun and productive than drinking T and also creating & sharing their Tease (T's) for humanity's sake.

Once you have signed up to drink T, you can join all the T Drinkers who love creating Tease in T to both enjoy viewing T's productions and to share them by, for instance, uploading them on other websites.

The positive impact on the world of our Tease is already significant. Many people recognize that these Tease are often fresh, unbiased, informative and fun. Unsurprisingly, a recent broadcast on BBC World Service was devoted to discussing such Tease and also what may come next. You can listen to this broadcast at

How To's

How different folks drink their T

What Drinking T means to T Drinkers

We love to hear from T Drinkers since they are the pioneers actively creating a brave new world. Send by email to descriptions of how you use T and also tell us in this way what T means to you so that we can feature both your use cases and your testimonials in T.

A hisTory

A 30-year long personal quesT

T at is a brand-new 24/7 companion created by TipTop Technologies, Inc. that is already drawing in users from all over the world. What is the true story behind T? Was T built in a day? Is the story personal? Once you watch this video, you will know nearly everything you need to know!

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